Chain Pulley Block

  • Manufactured confirming to IS 3832-2005 for safety, quality and performance.
  • Optimal Use of space - Very low head room.
  • Increased efficiency - Two-stage reduction gear. Hardened Gears & Pinions-supported on roller bearings.
  • Hardened load sheave with four precision-machined chain sprockets.
  • Chain sprockets supported on roller bearings for smooth operated and low wear.
  • Ratchet disc with double ratchet pawls, screw and disc brake are enclosed to protect the complete brake mechanism.
  • Load chain is alloy steel grade 80 according to IS 6216-1982.
  • Deformation indicators - Two strategically placed marks allow for measurement to determine if the throat opening has changed thus indicating abuse or overload.
  • Equipped with top and bottom safety hooks which are designed to bend slowly to warn of overload. Made in accordance with IS 15560-2005.
  • Every chain block is operationally tested to 150% of the rated capacity.
  • Safety factor : 4 times of the rated capacity.
  • Every chain pulley block is warranted for 12 months from the date of sales against manufacturing defects (conditions apply).

EOT Crane

Overhead cranes, sometimes also called EOT cranes, are cranes with a hoist traveling along the bridge between parallel runways. They are designed to meet the medium to heavy industrial lifting requirements, covering all parts of manufacturing process. WESTER is a global supplier of overhead cranes with an extensive service network.

Excellence In Overhead Crane Technology

WESTER industrial cranes include the most significant innovations developed for overhead crane applications. This industry leading technology is based on our innovation power in mechanical and electrical design, and the application of the most modern industrial manufacturing technology. The reliability of WESTER EOT CRANE is the result of our experience and commitment to engineering excellence.

Maximized Overhead Crane Lifecycle Value

WESTER is not only committed to engineering excellence, but also in maximizing the lifecycle value of the overhead cranes it supplies globally. This is ensured by a service level tailored at your business needs. Not only is the overhead crane downtime minimized but also performance and maintenance is optimized.

Tailored Cranes Deliver Safety And Reliability

The WESTER range of standard cranes is versatile and easily adapted for most uses. However, to meet your unique requirements, we sometimes tailor cranes for specific applications.

You don't have to settle for something from a catalog. We tailor our cranes so that you get the crane you want for your lifting needs.

Many tailored cranes use our standard products in unique ways. Sometimes we design new elements as needed. Each tailored crane is customized case-by-case, so you know it is the right lifting solution for every lifting need.

We use proven technology solutions and fully tested parts for your custom crane to ensure safety and reliability.

Electric Hoist

The WESTER electric wire rope hoist is the most widely-used WEST WORK product. Anywhere people want to lift up to 50 tons, you can often find a WESTER hoist doing the job. The reliability and versatility of the WESTER has made WEST WORK the largest supplier of wire rope hoists in DELHI, INDIA.

What Do You Want From Your Wire Rope Hoist?

Versatility means custom-tailored solutions for your every lifting need. Choose a normal headroom hoisting trolley when you have the space or a low headroom model when you don't. Available in monorail or double girder models, flexibility is key. The WESTER electric wire rope hoist adapts for the requirements of your runway and your building.

Do you need a swivel trolley for greater ease of movement? What about a fixed hoist, when movement is more restricted? The wire ropes are strong, highly flexible, and optimized to your specific requirements. Tell us your needs, and we will give you a hoist to match them.

WEST WORK also makes wire rope hoists for hazardous environments.

A Wire Rope Hoist That Lasts

Ideally, you should buy a full WESTER crane, to ensure the quality of all of your lifting equipment. But if your budget is tight, you may wish to modernize your existing crane with the WESTER hoist. Even if you only buy the hoist, we still service your whole crane, not just the WEST WORK part.