Anti Hazardous Cranes

Westwork offers an extensive variety of dangerous territory hardware, for example, cranes, derricks and parts. Every single key segment, for example, wire rope derricks, chain lifts, voyaging apparatuses, end carriages and crane controls, are outlined and produced to guarantee the most astounding wellbeing level needed in risky situations, for example, found in compound and petrochemical plants, oil refineries, gas force plants, waste water treatment plants and paint shops.

Low Headroom Hoists

The Low Headroom WESTER Hoist is the ideal solution to meet your toughest clearance requirements for special applications. This hoist is custom built to fit long or short reach framing. Using special trolley frame with upper sheave and offset hoist machinery, lifting heights can be optimized. Allows for maximum hook height in tight clearance applications.

Standard Features Include

  • Load capacities from 0.5T to 5T.
  • Trolley brake and bumper are standard with motorized trolley
  • Epoxy paint for corrosion resistance and ribbed for better heat dissipation
  • The friction-type torque limiter is integrated with the brake to insure that the load is always stopped when the control button is released
  • All models are equipped with a torque-limiting device for hoist overload protection
  • Upper and lower limit switches
  • Chain container

Optional Features Include

  • Motorized trolley motor with thermal protection
  • Upper and lower geared limit switch
  • Stainless steel chain hook and block
  • Outdoor weather protection options
  • Radio remote control