Goods Lift

Our huge experience and information of the business has empowered us to fabricate and supply an exhaustive line of Goods Lifts. Every one of these lifts are introduced to the mechanical structures where exchanging and moving of merchandise happens starting with one story then onto the next. Our extent of Goods Lifts is created by a group of talented experts who look after the rules and standards characterized by the mechanical powers.

Gear Box

Wester designs and manufactures robust main hoist and long travel gearboxes for cranes up to 100 tonnes, operating at variable speed. We have an in depth understanding of crane hoist gearboxes and their operating environment and through the years have developed an impressive global installed base. Typical main hoist and variable speed drives are characterised by a twin motor input driving dual rope drums through a differential unit.

Gear Box Features :-

All gears designed and manufactured to the latest quality standards to ensure reliability and robustness
In house capability to design and manufacture all major components
Custom built designs offering easy maintenance
Innovative non-contact oil sealing system for contra-rotating shafts
Maximum case rigidity ensures constant and accurate gear alignment during operation
Precision gearing designed for even the highest overload capacity. This delivers long gearing life and minimal noise and vibration levels
Complete assurance - split torque designs enable operation at half speed and full load in the event of one motor failure
Easy installation using levelling pads which are set during initial assembly
Service, repair and upgrade of all crane hoist and variable speed drives whatever the make or model

Flame Proof Equipment (ATEX Zone)

In the chemical and petrochemical industries, gases, fuels and vapours are often emitted during manufacturing, processing, transporting and storage of flammable materials such as alcohol, acetylene, propane, hydrogen and petrol. When mixed with oxygen in the atmosphere, they form a potentially explosive mixture. If this mixture is accidentally ignited by an electric spark, an explosion can result in serious injury to people and damage to property.

The European directive ATEX (Atmospheres Explosibles) on the manufacture and use of equipment designed for explosion-prone environments has become mandatory in the European Union, and evolved into a worldwide benchmark. Equipment in compliance with the ATEX directive bears the symbol 'Ex' and must meet with the standards of directive 94/9/EC and be used in accordance with directive 99/92/EC, to ensure the highest safety level required in hazardous environments.

With our products for hazardous environments you are on the safe side: Our explosion-proof equipment is designed to provide protection against an explosion using design features in accordance with explosion-proof standards CEI 60079-0 to 60079-7 and EN13463-1 to EN13463-8. Every piece of equipment is type tested by approved notified bodies and all products are provided with CE marking and documentation. They meet the requirements of Equipment Group II, Zones 1 and 2, Ex de IIB T4 as 'standard', and Ex de IIC T4 in the 'special' configuration.