Hydraulic Lifting Table

Hydraulic Lifts have proven an exceptionally reliable and versatile method of lifting heavy loads. Because of their few moving parts, lubricated actuators, and broad industry acceptance, hydraulic lifts provide years of trouble-free operation for a relatively small capital investment.

Our wide variety of designs and hundreds of accessory options make hydraulic lifts easily customized to individual applications. Each hydraulic lift also meets or exceeds the requirements of all applicable national safety codes.

Hydraulic Stacker

Hydraulic stacker can be utilized for lifting beds with better soundness, favored when beds must be lifted to distinctive statures. Stacking/emptying reason, stacking beds in racks, stacking/emptying kicks the bucket on machines.

Highlights :

  • Minimized configuration, solid and vigorous steel development.
  • Substantial obligation twin chains for better load dependability Top quality pressure driven pump and barrel
  • Substantial obligation 1 piece twofold lipped C Sections forks for more prominent quality
  • Fabricated in top of stroke detour valve
  • Nonpartisan valve permits the administrator to manoeuver the gear securely And smoothly
  • Water powered controller for programmed bringing down velocity control
  • All stackers are fitted with expansive Diameter 8" controlling wheels.

Pallet Truck

Westwork is the worldwide maker, supplier and exporter of different sorts Hydraulic High Pallet Trucks for different material development and sorting limits of your decision for diverse circumstances and distribution center setups. Westwork guarantees that best accessible crude materials are utilized to make the best Hydraulic High Pallet Trucks. The utilization of cutting edge innovation guarantees that you are conveyed the best item at any cost. Westwork exceptionally fabricates Hydraulic High Pallet Trucks for our regarded customers from over the world. Each of our Pallet Trucks meets worldwide assembling guidelines, and industry and stock determinations. Our certification on the constancy, sturdiness and security of our Hydraulic High Pallet Trucks for any of your requesting needs is our guarantee.